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Find Your Adrenaline Rush

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If you are interested in skydiving, scuba diving or snorkeling in a fantastic part of the world, it is now possible to do many of these things without leaving your hometown because there are places that offer these activities not far from where you live and that are affordable. If you are tired of taking your family to the usual places for fun such as the mall or laser tag arena, you can take them on adrenaline rush activities that will be memorable for them. Here are examples of these places.

Bonne Terre Mine In Missouri

This destination was a favorite of sailor Jacques Cousteau and this place hosts 15,000 dives annually. The mine has a billion gallons of water and 17 miles of beautiful shoreline, and the History Channel has done TV segments on this destination. Bonne Terre Mine is the largest lead mine in the world and this place has over 50 dive tours. The water temperature is 60 degrees and the dives last between 30 and 45 minutes. If you plan to visit in the summer you should plan for the trip a few months ahead of time.

Fly Free Skydiving

This destination allows you to enjoy skydiving at an affordable price. If you are skydiving for the first time you will have to start with tandem dives with the instructors before you go out on your own, and you have to be at least 18 to dive at this place.  Don’t be intimated by all the fancy gear, flight maps and other technicalities of skydiving.  You’ll get the proper training so you’re as safe as can be.  Be warned, skydiving is extremely addicting.  There’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with the sport and end up buying a whole bunch of skydiving equipment and maybe even aviation supplies from Pilot Mall or similar supply store.

Eco Zipline Tours

This company offers affordable zipline tours for the family and a zipline is when you are flying atop a line a few thousand feet in the air. Customers who went on these tours said that this felt like an adrenaline rush and they would do it again.

How to Locate Activities in Your Hometown

One of the best places to locate adrenaline rush activities in your hometown is by visiting online directories of recreational companies in your city. Write down the phone numbers and website addresses and call the companies to find out what they offer. Another idea is to talk to people in your city who have been on adrenaline rush tours. Read reviews of the tours by local writers and look at what mentioned concerning the price and diversity of activities.

Good Times To Go On Adrenaline Rush Tours

Anytime is a good time to go on these tours but there are certain occasions when these tours are great to go on. If it is your wedding anniversary and both of you want to do something different than the usual dinner and a concert, you can go skydiving instead. If you just graduated from college and you want to release stress from studies, zipline tours are excellent for this. When you go on these tours it is important to check the weather conditions before going on the tours.

Adrenaline tours allow you to do something different for fun and depending on the activity your family can get involved. When you complete this type of activity you build confidence and face your biggest fears.

You’re Never Too Old To Skydive

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We need to rethink our view of what it means to be a senior citizen because these days senior citizens are no longer content to just sit back and watch the world go by. Senior citizens are more vibrant than ever and in fact, many of them have more zeal for life than their younger counterparts sometimes. It is always great to hear stories of senior citizens who love what they do and who developed new interests. One such person is Carmen Guanieri, an 86-yr. old man and retired grocer who skydives in his spare time. He was first exposed to aviation while serving in the Army as a ground mechanic. He renewed his interest in skydiving while going on a trip with his daughter and he started training for skydiving afterwards.

Guarnieri’s new skydiving hobby is an example of a growing number of senior citizens that are trying new activities and enjoying their lives. For example in a recent article about the benefits of hiring older workers, it stated that older workers can contribute their years of experience, zeal and new ideas to a company. The article also stated that older workers are more honest and more responsible than many younger workers. In addition, older workers are committed to the task and they serve as role models.

If you operate a recreational-based business that teaches people how to skydive, climb mountains, swim, dance, make clothing or play certain sports, you should try to reach out to senior citizens such as Carmen Guarnieri because more seniors are getting involved in all kinds of hobbies and you could increase your profits and let seniors know that you value them as potential customers.

As we have seen in the story of Carmen Guarnieri, golfing is not the only popular activity for seniors. There are seniors who go skydiving and other activities they get involved with include volunteering with at-risk youth, running in marathons, getting into competitive bowling or poker, participating in national cooking championships for prizes, teaching at a university, or learning to play certain music instruments.

If you have senior citizens in your family who live near you, you should look for ways to get them interested in new activities based on their personalities and interests. For example, if your aunt is a retired social worker but you know she has always wanted to open a food pantry for the community, you can help her by going to government and nonprofit associations’ websites to seek funding and get information on how to get started.

Carmen Guarnieri has always been interested in skydiving and at 86 years old he has an amazing zeal for life. The younger persons should not shun senior citizens but instead learn from them and teach them new activities. When this happens there will be a bonding and better understanding between the generations.